EUR/USD Eurozone / United States euro dollar
EUR/JPY Eurozone / Japan euro yen
EUR/GBP Eurozone / United Kingdom euro pound
EUR/AUD Eurozone / Australia euro aussie
EUR/CAD Eurozone / Canada euro loonie
EUR/CHF Eurozone / Switzerland euro swissy
EUR/NZD Eurozone / New Zealand euro kiwi
EUR/NOK Eurozone / Norway euro nockie
GBP/USD United Kingdom / United States pound dollor
GBP/JPY United Kingdom / Japan pound yen
GBP/AUD United Kingdom / Australia pound aussie
GBP/CAD United Kingdom / Canada pound loonie
GBP/CHF United Kingdom / Switzerland pound swissy
GBP/NZD United Kingdom / New Zealand pound kiwi
AUD/USD Australia / United States aussie dollar
AUD/JPY Australia / Japan aussie yen
AUD/CHF Australia / Switzerland aussie swissy
AUD/CAD Australia / Canada aussie loonie
AUD/NZD Australia / New Zealand aussie kiwi
CAD/JPY Canada/ Japan loonie yen
CAD/CHF Canada / Switzerland loonie swissy
USD/JPY United States / Japan dollar yen
USD/CAD United States / Canada dollar loonie
USD/CHF United States / Switzerland dollar swissy
USD/NOK United States / Norway dollar nockie
USD/SEK United States /Swedish krona dollar kronor
NZD/USD New Zealand / United States kiwi dollar
CHF/JPY Switzerland / Japan swissy yen
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