Regional Partner

Regional Partner

Regional Partner (abbreviated RP) is a regional representative program, this program is for companies and individuals who would like to provide total solutions for their clients. It provides a competitive commission structure and value-added services that can improve your ability to expand your customer base. It is flexible enough so that you can use your proven operational models and experiences in your city / region to attract and serve customers.

Regional Partner Program Benefits

  • Proven method of operation.
  • Professional online support and management training.
  • Rich management and marketing tools.
  • Flexible business terms and conditions.
  • Three-level commission system, with the ability to develop both customers and IB

As a Regional partner applicant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be familiar with the industry and market characteristics.
  • Have an office with necessary office equipment.
  • Employees to provide consulting and training on daily basis.

If you are interested in our Regional Partner, please contact

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