Precious Metals

Trade per ounce contracts in Gold and Silver with some of the most competitive average spreads on the market


Precious metals such as Gold and Silver are often referred to as the ultimate safe haven. They can protect your assets during times of political, economic and market turmoil. Because of this, a lot of experienced investors hold at least some part of their portfolio in precious metals.

Instrument Limit & Stop Levels (pips) Pip Value (1 lot) Standard Size (1 lot)) Financing Long (points) Financing Short(points)
GOLD (XAUUSD) 0 1 USD 100 oz. -8.892 1.488
SILVER (XAGUSD) 0 5 USD 5000 oz. -1.272 0.2576

Margins on Metals

Margins on Gold (XAUUSD) and silver (XAGUSD) depend on your account leverage. Gold leverage is equal to the account leverage, while Silver leverage is 4 times lower than the account leverage.

Example: Suppose your account has a leverage of 1:50. Your leverage for Gold will be 1:50 and for Silver 1:25.

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