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LCM Account Types Upgrades

Dear Customer / Partner

In order to meet the growing volume of transactions and number of customers, on May 29 we will be introducing some new account types. These new accounts will be based on trading conditions, rather than the traditional investment account type. Adjustment may take one week to complete, during the adjustment phase there will be no impact on your trading.

The following are some of the new account types:

1) STP-TRADE spread from 1.8 pips on the majors, 28 pairs + metals
2) PRO-TRADE spread from 0.9 pips on the majors, 28 pairs + metals
3) DMA-TARDE spread from 0.0 pips on the majors, 28 pairs + metals

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Partner Program Changes

Dear Partner

Please be advised that there will be a comprehensive change to our account types. This is a result of limitations of the multi-level commission system based on percentages. As a result we will adopt a new commission model effective July 30th 2017.

The new commission system will not be based on percentages but rather with a fixed approach that will directly correspond with each currency pair. This system will also significantly reduce the strain on the server from repeated inquires and will result in improved execution.

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